Siri Bjerke med Samuraiens Ridedyr
Siri Bjerke med Samuraiens ridedyr den femte dagen
Fotograf Rolf M. Aagaard

From the catalogue: SIRI BJERKE - paint and sculptures

To a great extent, an introduction and understanding of Siri Bjerke`s visual language and its form hold the key to these paintings that neither art history nor imagination can provide.

It is important to consider the following two elements: her own physical presence in the paintings and the pictorial elements which give a visionary hint of a future.

Her own presence can appear in many forms, from an arched body liked line, to a shape that can be easily interpreted as a face.
What does she wish to accomplish by expressing her presence?
The many possible causes range from that of giving the painting an identity, to supervising the whole painting process, even down to the viewer`s interpretation, perhaps a wish to be part of the painting forever and never really releasing it to others.

I also believe that Siri Bjerke has a wish to be the individual who makes assertions of the future in her works. However, she does not assume the right to predict the future, but rather indicates the effects that are the result of the obvious progression of events whose initial phases we could well be witnessing today.

Terje Huser

Contact information:

Siri Bjerke lives in Norway, and may be contacted by telephone +47 91 39 72 31, or by email: